The Rock Alter

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Wednesday 1:00 pm trending_flat 3:00 pm
Why ROCK “Altar”? Definition.. “a table or flat-topped block used as the focus for a religious ritual”. A friend, Ashley, has always called my set up in my ROCK ROOM my “Altar”, she actually came up with the name for the show. It makes sense, for some of us Music is a religious experience. Also, you kneel at an altar for salvation, Salvation for most of us has come thru music. Music has blessed our lives and saved us in times of need. It’s our Rock. Hence why “The ROCK Altar” made complete and TOTAL sense!
So, join me thru the Toxic app, website or Toxic Radio on Facebook for some GREAT music on a weekly basis.
There will be “Theme” shows and also regular just “Rock Out” shows! All music, all the time! So join me for the BEST of Local, Regional, National and International recording artists. Your favorites and also hopefully some new-to-you music!

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