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Check your closed mind at the door and tune into Paradelphia Radio as host Rick Prewitt explores the Paranormal, Alternative History, the Occult, Cutting Edge Science and more as it relates to our own Delaware Valley and mysterious world beyond.


Host of Paradelphia Podcast

Rick Prewitt – Founder of Paradelphia, Host, Webmaster

Rick is a life-long resident of the South Jersey/Philly area and has been the host of Paradelphia Radio since it’s inception in October 2013. A graduate of Rowan University with a degree in Liberal Arts/Communications and The Connecticut School of Broadcasting where he studied various forms of writing and production of broadcast media, Rick has an interest in the paranormal that dates back to the 70s & 80s when he would religiously watch TV staples such as In Search Of and Unsolved Mysteries and devour Stephen King novels inside of a week. In Paradelphia, Rick has merged his love of broadcasting with his interest in the strange and supernatural and hopes to grow the brand into the “go to place for Delaware Valley residents to get their paranormal fix”.

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Doug Hogate, Jr – Co-host, Founder of J.U.M.P.S. and Legend Trips investigator & researcher

Doug Hogate Host of Paradelphia

Doug founded Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society (JUMPS) back in 2007 and has spent the past 7 years investigating some of the Delaware Valley’s most haunted locations.  An avid history buff, he also relishes the chance to research the history and the “why” of the haunting happening in each venue.

After appearing on Paradelphia last fall, Doug and show host Rick Prewitt have worked together on multiple investigations.  That also led Doug to be a frequent guest on the show and become an investigator with the site’s Legend Trips project.

In August of 2014, Doug officially joined Rick as the permanent co-host of the show.  Rick and Doug now host Paradelphia LIVE every Thursday night from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

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Jenna Bee Host Paradelphia

Jennabee Keen – Content Producer, On-Air Talent

Jennabee is a married, 23 year old who resides in the lovely town of Quinton, Nj. She is a devoted (but not your average) Christian which tends to sparks fun debates with Toxic Mike every once in a while on the show.Currently, Jennabee is working on her special needs education degree and works at a day program for adults with special needs, also is a volunteer cheer coach for the Salem City Midget Football Cobra cheerleaders. Jennabee who is also the sister of Co-host Doug Hogate, has joined his ghost hunting team JUMPS on many occasions and also has joined Rick & Doug in Legend Tripping in the past. She loves hearing people’s stories & experiences especially those that people would find “weird” or “out of the norm”. You can follow Jennabee on Instagram or Twitter @TheRealJennabee. For contact about the show, please email ParadelphiaAssistantJennabee@gmail.com