Lethal Dose

The Lethal Dose

Lethal Dose


The Lethal Dose spawned from the very depths of the crazy and musically inclined minds of Greg Gory and Nick BAFA in late 2015. Since then, the bumps and bruises of the Internet Radio world have caused catastrophic trauma to everyone’s heads. Greg and Nick quickly realized they were two of the few who could administer the only cure to help humankind get their weekly fix of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and everything in between!

Since their beginning, they have acquired a following of heavy music lovers and addicts, along with people who just need some tender loving care.

Each week, you can expect to hear bands like Soundgarden, Dokken, KISS, Rob Zombie, Alice In Chains, and literally EVERYTHING in between on the spectrum of heavy music.

Greg Gory and Nick BAFA grace your wild ear holes with music, talk, and little fun facts for YOUR entertainment!

Spread the word and hook your friends onto THE LETHAL DOSE every Wednesday night at 7pm EST only on Toxicradio.net.

We don’t play it safe…we play it TOXIC!!