Welcome to Toxic Radio, a proud member of The Toxic Network,  let us share a little about us with you.  Toxic Radio is a place  where the underground is key. A place where music and talk radio lovers that want more from a radio station then the norm come together.  We offer a chance to discover some of the best up and coming, new, and underground artist and bands that you never knew you were a fan of.  As well as a place for those bands to get the airplay they deserve instead of them fighting the regular radio machine to get heard.  We are uncensored and proud of it.  We play our music the way the artist intended for it to be heard, uncut and raw.  All this , streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and all for FREE!!

We also look to provide our listeners with the most unapologetic talk radio shows.  With most talk radio host having to apologize for every little controversial statement they make, we say screw an apology.  Thats what real opinions are about.  Toxic Radio stands beside our disc jockeys and there opinions or statements.  We might not agree, but we stand by it.

All this and the most interactivity with our fans then any other Radio Station out there. You guys are as important to the station as the hosts.

Thank you for checking us out, and we hope you like what you find here. \m/


Mission Statement:

In a world of watered down regular radio and satellite radio charging outragious prices, the Toxic  radio looks to take it back for the fans. Radio that is original, compelling, free, uncensored and raw. A radio station for the fans by the fans. Everything from great podcasts, talk radio, music and comedy, we have it all. So join the online radio revolution, join the Toxic Network and Don’t Play It Safe, PLAY It TOXIC!!!!